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Programmes and Prices

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Standard Outplacement Programme

Our Standard Outplacement programme is delivered remotely. This programme provides high-quality coaching as well as a full range of services such as writing a keyword optimised CV for you, preparing you for interviews, offering you a job-search strategy and managing your online presence via LinkedIn.

3 hours of career coaching

Price – £1,950 ex VAT

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Intensive Outplacement Programme

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If you need a bit of extra help with your job target and career wants, this programme is ideal for you. With the Outplacement Programme you will get all the practical help you need to identify your new role in this competitive job market. Working one-to-one with your career consultant, you will be supported every step of the way including developing a new job target, writing a keyword optimised CV, preparing you for job interviews, devising your job search strategy, managing your online presence via LinkedIn and help with engaging with recruitment agencies and head-hunters. You will also have access to research and information services.

10 hours of individual career coaching

Price – £3,250 ex VAT

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Executive Outplacement Programme

The Executive Director Outplacement Programme is ideal for anyone who is at a stage where they need to review and reassess their career path. It is a programme that is ideal for anyone who wants to explore their options and potential next steps. It will help to bring clarity and focus to any job search. As with the Intensive Outplacement Programme, this package includes help and guidance on all aspects of the job search process.

16 hours of career coaching

Price – £5,250 ex VAT

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Director Outplacement Programme

This dynamic programme provides all the support, guidance and practical tools that Directors need to make informed career choices.  This programme will allow them to take their career to the next level and achieve their aspirations and goals as quickly as possible. As well as offering all the core elements of the Executive Outplacement Programme, this service provides additional individual career coaching for up to 1 year, as well as unlimited telephone support for 1 year.

20 hours of career coaching

12 months unlimited telephone support

Price – £12,000 ex VAT

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Self Employment Outplacement Programme

Self Employment Outplacement ProgrammeThis programme is an alternative to the Executive & Director Outplacement Programme and is geared towards people who wish to become self-employed, freelancers or consultants.  It includes developing a business plan, a basic WordPress Website, financial planning and advice about how to set up in business within a minimum capital outlay.

20 hours of business coaching

12 months unlimited telephone support

Price – £12,000 ex VAT

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