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Employee Outplacement Services – What do they include?

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Outplacement Blogs

Employee Outplacement Services – What do they include?

Whether you’re the person managing redundancy or the person being made redundant, job loss is tough for everyone to handle.

But one way to alleviate the pain and stress is to use outplacement services to aid the employee to find a new job as quickly as possible. Outplacement services provide benefits for more than just the employee, though.

They reduce the workload for HR staff and reassure staff remaining in the organisation that help is being given to their departing colleagues. It’s a win-win-win.

But what is outplacement and what does it offer?

Whether you’re an HR manager looking to provide outplacement service or an employee looking to buy their own package, here is a guide to outplacement and how it can help.

What sort of outplacement services are offered and how can they help?

Outplacement services are offered in a range of different formats, including individual coaching, group workshops, online resources and executive services. Let’s look at these in more detail to understand their benefits.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching is just as it sounds: personal, private career counselling and consulting that’s tailored to your needs. Sessions are usually conducted via video call or in person. This is the most expensive element in an outplacement package and it’s the number of hours included in your package that has the greatest impact on the price.

Individual coaching is particularly helpful if you need help dealing with the emotional fallout of redundancy, want to change direction in your career or have been out of the job market for a while and need some additional help with your job search.

Group workshops

Group workshops are often used as a cost-effective way of providing outplacement support and are particularly favoured by large organisations that have ongoing staffing changes. However, group workshops are also available outside of an organisation and offer a service for those on a budget or who prefer not to work alone.

Workshops vary enormously in what they cover, but most focus on educating attendees on the latest job-search techniques along with support in updating CVs, writing cover letters and making applications online.

One of the benefits of a group workshop is that the information is delivered in-person, it prevents procrastination, it provides a community and the opportunity for peer support that can make a job-search less lonely and more fun.

Online resources

Online resources are a feature of most outplacement packages. An online package offers a range of tools and information that make the search for a new role easier and faster.

The online package includes career profiling assessments tools, interview planning, articles, podcasts and contact information, all of which can be used to put together an effective job search.

The big benefit of online services is that they’re available 24/7, so the employee can fit in their job search around their existing commitments and without having to travel or attend live workshops.

Executive services

Executive services are distinguished by the fact that the outplacement consultant does all or a significant amount of the job search work on behalf of the executive.

This is why executive packages come at such a high price and why they’re reserved for Directors and C-level executives. The benefit of these services is that they are far less work for the executive and make the most of both the executive’s and the outplacement consultant’s network without the executive having to approach employers directly.

Executive Services | London Outplacement

What is typically included in a standard outplacement package?

A standard outplacement package includes of a number of different elements, from redundancy counselling to developing job-hunting skills. For example, outplacement counselling will come with varying amounts of individual consultation time and with any number of bonus services, such as additional support around CV writing, interview practice and LinkedIn branding.

Most packages focus on helping the employee develop their job-search skills because many are unfamiliar with current job searching techniques. The packages aim to help employees to help themselves rather than do the work for them. This is important, because it helps the individual to build knowledge, confidence and resilience rather than providing a sticking plaster to their problem.

Packages usually include guidance, training and information on key job-search skillsets, such as career planning and self-marketing skills (CV-writing, interview practice etc). But in a world that is increasingly moving towards self-employment and contracting, there is also help with assessing the potential to shift away from employment. Finally, there is a library of resources, such as podcasts, blog posts and tools that the job-seeker can use to deepen and extend their knowledge to make their search even more effective.

Career planning

  • Assessing your career in terms of key skills, experience etc.
  • Exploring your career options and any alternatives to employment
  • Help in making informed decisions about your next career move
  • Devising a career action plan

Self-marketing skills

  • Locating advertised and unadvertised jobs
  • Creating CV’s, covering letters, application forms to get on the shortlist
  • Increasing your visibility to employers through your on-line presence
  • Managing agency and head-hunter relationships
  • Rehearsing for interviews, presentations and networking
  • Organising your job search campaign
  • Salary negotiation and settling into the new job

Assessment of self-employment options

  • Ensuring self-employment is right for you
  • Practical help in setting up your business
  • Sales, marketing and business development
  • Financial planning
  • Business coaching

Research and information services

Most outplacement packages include access to an online career management, job search and career development resource, which usually includes:

  • Interactive career profiling tools and career assessments
  • Numerous podcasts to guide you through your journey
  • Hundreds of articles on the website relating to career and sector news
  • Advice about how to contact recruiters and head-hunters
  • Advice about how to make speculative approaches to companies
  • CV and application planning, preparation and advice
  • Interview planning and practice
  • Self-development as part of your ongoing learning
  • Business skills on a range of topics for enhancing your skills within the workplace.

Research and information services

What is an outplacement consultant and what do they do?

If a package includes time with an outplacement consultant, either through group work or individual coaching work, it helps to understand their role and how they can help.

In essence, an outplacement consultant is a careers consultant and job change specialist who works with employees who have been made redundant to help them find appropriate new roles as quickly and easily as possible.

It’s important to understand that an outplacement consultant doesn’t directly find their client a new job. Their focus is on helping an individual deal with the emotions around redundancy, help them refresh any outdated skills and plan their next step, so they’re able to find a new role as quickly as possible.

A consultant will probably use personality and skills tests so their clients can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and what they have to offer an employer. It could help someone switch career or take a big step up in their existing career as many employees won’t have had any kind of career assessment since they left full-time education.

The final step is for the outplacement specialist is to coach their clients to improve their job-hunting skills, interview technique and ability to market their experience and skills. They may also help their clients review and rewrite their CV.

How much does a standard outplacement package cost?

Like many services, outplacement packages come in all shapes and sizes. But, as a general rule, they tend to start from around £1000 for the basic level of support and rise above £10,000 for more comprehensive services.

The price of a package is generally related to the seniority of the employee, so junior employees’ packages are typically less comprehensive and offer less individual support than those for senior managers, directors and C-level executives.

Needless to say, the majority of the outplacement cost is directly related to the amount of individual consultancy time that’s included in the package. That means most outplacement packages for less senior employees offers less personal support and is therefore less expensive.

Standard packages focus more on guiding the employee via online portals, offering a range of trainings and tools to assist with the job search. Sometimes, a company or organisation simply provides group workshops.

However, it is common practice for the employee to choose the outplacement provider and for the company to pay the company directly.  It also means that if the employee wants more than a standard package, they can use the outplacement fee as part of the payment for a package that’s more suitable for their needs.

cost of standard outplacement

How much does executive outplacement package cost?

When it comes to the cost of executive outplacement, the sky is the limit. These packages can easily run into the tens of thousands, and often beyond.

It’s likely that many directors and executives have not needed to apply for roles externally for many years so they need more guidance and support from a professional career coach who can help them review their options and put in place an effective job search strategy. That means they’ll need to get to grips with the latest job search techniques including updating their CV and their LinkedIn profile and networking on a big scale.

Executive outplacement packages rise into high figures for those who hire an outplacement consultant to make applications on their behalf and offer high-level and bespoke personal services.  When a package includes this level of personal support, the sky is often the limit in terms of cost, especially if the executive is very senior and has a high status in their industry or sector.

How do I find out more?

When seeking out outplacement support, make sure you do a thorough internet search for companies that offer this service. Check out their approach and view their recommendations.

If you want to change your career or move into self-employment, it may be worth considering adding to any funds provided in your settlement agreement to get the service you need.

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