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Employee Outplacement Services – What do they include?

Whether you’re the person managing redundancy or the person being made redundant, job loss is tough for everyone to handle.

But one way to alleviate the pain and stress is to use outplacement services to aid the employee to find a new job as quickly as possible. Outplacement services provide benefits for more than just the employee, though.

They reduce the workload for HR staff and reassure staff remaining in the organisation that help is being given to their departing colleagues. It’s a win-win-win.

But what is outplacement and what does it offer?

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My Boss is Trying to Get Rid of Me – Actions to Take

Do you feel as if your boss is trying to get rid of you? If so, your instincts might be right.

Unfortunately, certain managers avoid giving their staff honest feedback and they can feel threatened by the potential and ability of a team member. But rather than confronting the situation, they try to push those staff into leaving through a passive-aggressive technique called “managing out”.

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Coping with Redundancy

Unwanted redundancy is tough for everyone involved. HR staff never enjoy making people redundant and nobody likes losing their job. Even those who voluntarily take redundancy don’t always find the transition easy or straightforward.

That’s why it’s so important for both staff being made redundant and company representatives to know how to deal with redundancy well. Otherwise the fallout can be damaging for everyone.

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What to say when making someone redundant

Nobody enjoys having to hand out redundancy notices. Indeed, anyone who’s had to do it will tell you it’s one of the worst parts of their job.

Of course, not everyone will be unhappy about their redundancy. Some will have actively pursued it to move on to a different career, company or lifestyle. But it’s those times when you’re handing out redundancy to those who aren’t expecting it and don’t want it who are the hardest to deal with.

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Getting Another Job During the Redundancy Notice Period

If you’ve just been made redundant – or suspect you’re about to be – you’ve probably got lots questions.

Questions like what your notice period will be, what kind of redundancy package you’re entitled to and what you can do to find a new job during your redundancy notice period.

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How Do You Select Your Outplacement Service?

There are many different ways of providing Outplacement, all of which offer a different selection of services delivered in a variety of ways. That means selecting an Outplacement service isn’t necessarily straightforward. There’s a lot to think about, from what services you want to provide for your staff to the way in which those services are delivered. You will also need to consider whether you want to use remote or local services and whether you want to offer different services to executives than middle managers and general staff.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Good Outplacement Service?

Personal job-seeking support and guidance can look expensive. It may also look as if Outplacement only benefits the employee, but there is definitely a return on investment to be enjoyed by any company who invests in doing the right thing for their staff.

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What Is Outplacement and How Does It Work?

According to the Office for National Statistics, around 35,000 people are made redundant in the UK every month. That’s a staggering figure, especially if you consider that many of those who are let go are left entirely to their own devices to find new employment.

Until recently, Outplacement services mostly only existed in the form of redundancy counselling, which focused almost exclusively on the emotional fall-out from job loss.