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London’s Number One Website For Outplacement Services


We understand the impact redundancy can have on the individual.  From job-loss announcement to securing a new opportunity, we will be there all the way – delivering quick results to alleviate shock, worry and concerns.


We will demonstrate to an individual how they can rebuild their career and brand by realigning their career wants and values.  We will help them create new opportunities either in employment or self-employment.


Each individual is offered 24/7 access via phone or internet to their own career consultant.  All our consultants are trained in the latest job hunting techniques and strategies making an easy and quick career transition possible.


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Sarah Berry

Contact us for support and we will help you make this transition as easy as possible and make our products fit your needs.

  • 1) Career To-Date Review

    Complete 360 degree review of career to date and assessment of skills, experience and qualifications.

  • 2) Career Wants & Aspirations

    Creation of a career development plan that incorporates aspirations, career wants and lifestyle.

  • 3) Mindset & confidence

    Help with creating the right mindset and thinking in terms of future employer and/or client expectations.  Preparing the next move.

  • 4) Personal Digital Marketing

    Promoting the benefits,  value and uniqueness via key job application documents including CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

  • 5) Job hunting strategies

    Developing and implementing a daily job-hunting strategy that spans advertised and unadvertised positions as well recruitment agencies and headhunters.

  • 6) Securing the Job

    Interview coaching that prepares for any scenario including psychometric and aptitude profile, groups interviews and presentations.


I initially chose to work with Sarah & her team, because my impression from the very first contact, was that she was focused on me as an individual & was looking to devise a programme tailored for my specific needs (rather than “selling me” on a standard programme).

Personally, I have had no prior experience of Outplacement Programmes (so I do not have anything to compare my experience with), however, I immediately realised that Sarah was taking me on a “journey” rather than providing me with a few tips/quick fix for my loss of employment.

Through Sarah’s help /guidance, I genuinely feel that I have developed the necessary tools to take charge of my career, & develop as an individual into a direction that will give me long-lasting happiness & fulfilment.

The process of being made redundant through to searching for new employment opportunities, or deciding upon the consultancy/ Interim Management route can be fraught, with many disappointments (& associated lows), together with the occasional win. I felt that Sarah was with me the whole way, & this really has helped me with determining my next career move.

I would have no reservations in recommending Sarah & to anyone who feels that they may need professional insight into moving their career forward.

Gary Milner

I made contact with Sarah when I was made redundant in June 2022. The redundancy was sudden and a bit of a shock having never experienced it before. Sarah provided much need initial support helping me to understand my core personality and skills and rebuilding confidence which had taken a bit of a knock. Over the course of the engagement which lasted approximately 10 weeks, Sarah helped me understand the power of Linkedin, got my CV into really good shape but most importantly provided coaching to develop a strategy for job hunting including a personal branding, understanding how to convey skills either in job applications or interviews and provided much need advice, support and focus during the ups and downs of job hunting.

The whole package Sarah provided was invaluable and turned what was a daunting prospect at the beginning into a very manageable step by step process. The experience of working with Sarah taught me a great deal, and now I have found a new exciting role (Which Sarah did say would happen), in hindsight I would not swap the redundancy experience.

Dr Stephen Norris

Sarah and her team helped me in every way to obtain my dream job.

She made me realise my self worth and boosted my confidence. I highly recommend Sarah in coaching for a new job. Thank you Sarah :-)

Sue Lambe

I was looking for a new role following a very busy and challenging 8 years with my company. This was a rather daunting prospect given that I didn’t cultivate my network or follow how recruitment had changed in the last decade. Finding a new role was daunting and I needed professional advice, as I had been told that roles based on my experience were limited at the time. I am so pleased to have been referred to Sarah and her team, to receive her specialist career advice and to guide me through the process of re-establishing self-confidence and the tools I needed to help me find a new role.

The process itself was very deep but not intrusive. It will work if you are open about your feelings even if you’re angry or anxious or if you are not able to articulate yourself properly. Sarah helps to understand your personality, and the best way to manage yourself not only in your current situation, but how to also interact with others with different personality traits. Sarah also reviewed my LinkedIn profile and settings, and also modified my CV to ensure to maximise my potential for hiring firms to select me for interviews. I also received excellent advice on preparing for interviews, and how to answer questions. Throughout the process, Sarah gave me ongoing advice on observations about growing confidence, asking myself the right questions and how to focus my energy. All of these things contributed me to become a much (much) better version of my self and ultimately led me to land a great role a company, within 2 weeks of leaving my old one! I can’t recommend Sarah and her company highly enough. She has written articles and books which I would also recommend too. As long as you take stock of Sarah’s advice, and complete your tasks, you will succeed. Keep going!

Niteen Sharma

In case you find yourself in that difficult situation, Sarah is a guiding light who works with you relentlessly to reflect, regain balance, and find a way. Can wholeheartedly recommend it.

Janos Kühn

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