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What Are The Benefits Of A Good Outplacement Service?

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What Are The Benefits Of A Good Outplacement Service?

Personal job-seeking support and guidance can look expensive. It may also look as if Outplacement only benefits the employee, but there is definitely a return on investment to be enjoyed by any company who invests in doing the right thing for their staff.

That’s because if redundancy is not handled well, it can cause a range of issues for an organisation from being subject to public expressions of displeasure all the way to litigation – both of which would probably negatively impact a company’s all-important corporate reputation.

The other disadvantage of poorly managed redundancy is that it has an impact on the staff who remain in the company. If they feel their friends and colleagues have been badly treated, it can cause dissatisfaction with management and anxiety that they may be treated in the same way.

This is partly what has motivated HR departments to work towards making redundancy as positive an experience as possible for all concerned. This is why Outplacement has come to be considered such a crucial aspect of a redundancy package. Indeed, there are many benefits to Outplacement services for both the employer and the employee.

How the individual benefits from receiving Outplacement

  • Confidence-building at a vulnerable time.
  • Greater clarity and focus about their next role.
  • More time-efficient job search campaign.
  • Improved success-rate in being short-listed for target roles.
  • Enhanced interview skills to win the job offer.

How the Organisation Benefits from providing Outplacement

  • Providing genuine help to those who are about to face the most competitive job market for decades.
  • Reduced conflict and fewer legal disputes as individuals feel supported in their transition.
  • Freeing up HR and line management time and energy.
  • Maintaining the morale of the redundancy “survivors” who see their exiting colleagues well-treated.

Of course, it is not enough to supply Outplacement in name only. The service must be good quality and offer relevant support. Any Outplacement service that is not of sufficient quality will have a negative impact on both those it is designed to help and those who remain in the company. It could have a negative impact on the company brand, which would damage the organisation’s ability to attract and retain top talent.

How Outplacement maintains engagement

Redundancy is stressful for all involved, from the staff who are made redundant, staff and managers who remain with the company and the HR department who manages the departure of employees. However, if good Outplacement services are put into place, it alleviates the pressure on HR to support staff through the job-search process, reduces the stress felt by managers who need to continue to work with remaining staff and reassures ‘survivors’ that they will be taken care of if they experience job loss themselves.

If Outplacement services are poor or non-existent, it can lead employees to disengage with the company and become less productive, which can be hugely damaging for the company. Good Outplacement services allow those who remain with the company to see that their friends and colleagues are being taken care of by the organisation. This means that staff who remain with the company can relax and feel able to get on with doing their job rather than anxiously looking over their shoulder or feeling angry and upset at what their co-workers are going through.

Attract the best talent

Recruitment of the best talent is competitive so having a reputation as a good employer is as important as more tangible staff benefits like health care and holidays. While Outplacement is about more than supporting staff through redundancy, it can be a useful tool in enabling a company to attract and retain their best staff during periods of change. Outplacement can help HRDs connect and work with the staff whose skills and experience the company most needs to retain. So, if an entire team is dismantled following the completion of a major project, the Outplacement service offered by the company can become a means of approaching those people and helping them move into a new role within the company but working on a different project.

Outplacement services are changing rapidly in response to a growing need for greater employer responsibility, the need to maintain staff morale and the desire to be seen as a good company to work for and attractive employer.